An Individual Treatment Plan

After your initial visit, I create a treatment plan specific to your needs. A treatment plan is created for every patient. The aim is to improve your health and manage any long-term conditions.

Part of the solution is understanding the root cause of your discomfort and knowing what to do to put things right. It is important you understand and agree to your treatment plan, so always ask questions.

Osteopathy Treatment Plans

What to expect at a first visit

At your first visit I will take a full case history. This will include information about your present complaint, but I will also ask questions about your general health, lifestyle and any relevant past medical history. You will then undergo a physical examination which may require you to remove some clothing depending on the condition. This allows me to arrive at a diagnosis and recommend your individual treatment plan.

You may require follow-up appointments, but this will be discussed fully with you. After your first treatment you will leave with a treatment plan, with treatment as agreed and take away advice on exercises and a full understanding on what’s next. At any time, even after your consultation, you can get in touch to ask questions.

What happens during treatment?

Everyone is different and your treatment will be specific to you. In simple terms, I treat problems with muscles and bones. However, as these are interconnected, treatment can influence a wide range of structures in the body. Treatment may involve manipulation, massage, and stretching techniques. Methods such as ultrasound therapy and Western acupuncture (dry needling) may also be used to facilitate release of the tissue. The treatment will be a positive experience and I will always tell you what I am doing and why I am doing it, and will seek your feedback and consent as I progress. There may be some discomfort during treatment but this will never be more than you are comfortable with. There may also be some aching after, particularly if your condition has been around a while or is more severe.

Pain control is also an important part of treatment and I can give guidance on simple methods to use at home such as: dietary advice; postural and ergonomic advice; relaxation techniques; stretching and strengthening exercises; use of hot and cold packs.

Osteopathy in elderly patient

How long do Manual Therapy sessions last?

Your initial consultation usually takes approximately 1 hour but may take slightly longer as it is important to be thorough. Subsequent visits are shorter as I only need to have a quick update and then follow the agreed treatment plan. Your follow-up visits should last around 30 minutes.

Obviously, if your condition is more severe, or your plan needs to be adjusted because something happened between visits (like a fall), then sometimes more time is needed.

If you have any questions, then please get in touch. Also, lots of information can be found in our FAQs section.